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Save Buffy Fanfic Program

Save Buffy Fanfic Program

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As many of you know geocities is shutting down sometime this year. Over the years a lot of Buffy and Angel fanfic has been saved onto geocities and either abandoned by it authors who have moved out of the fandom, died (I did discover this which is really sad) or who’s whereabouts are unknown. Many of us have tired to contact authors and ask for permission to move, re archive or copy their fanfic to a new safe home but as yet a lot of us are getting e-mail address that are no longer valid or no one knowing where the author is now.

So I am setting up a program to save Buffy fic. If you know of a fanfic website that is on geocites can you please let me know. If you know of a fanfic that is on geocities then please let me know.

My Plan at the moments is to…

1) Back up as many of these sites as possible and attempt to contact as many authors as possible.
2) Get authors to give me permission to load their fanfics on to a new archive I am going to create (thinking of calling it the Undead Archive) I will do this and that way the fanfic is safe for another day.
3) Any fanfic of authors that I can not locate will be kept on my hard drive. I have three options with these
a. To load them onto a site and state that I do not have permission to archive them and will remove at authors request
b. Archive them in their original format (direct copies of the original websites they came off) and state I will remove at authors request.
c. Never archive them on the net (which I think will be sad)

What I need from you..
1) Contact as many authors as you can and let them know what is going on feel free to pass on the e-mail address below
2) E-mail me any links of existing geocites websites, authors websites, authors LJ or other journals that you may know of
3) E-mail me details of good fanfic forums/websites that you know and like the way they are run so I can contact the owners and sort out a good way to set up the new fanfic archive
4) Contact me and say that you have a geocites website or fanfic on a geocites website, give me the link and permission to archive this fanfic

All contact for this project will be going through my new e-mail account

Any other thoughts on this project would be great.

Again feel free to pass this info on to anyone else you might think it will help
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